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Food State Supplements and Bioavailability

December 16th 2014

Published Studies

  • Comparative human bioavailability of zinc. J.A. Vinson, Nutrient Availability, Chemical and Biological Aspects.  Royal Society of Chemistry. 1989

Re-natured [Food State] Zinc was found to be 75% more absorbed than zinc sulphate and 58% more absorbed than zinc gluconate.  In addition the Re-natured [Food State] Zinc was absorbed over a longer time period a natural release

  • . J.A. Vinson, P. Bose, L. Lemoine and K. Hsaio, Nutrient availability: Chemical and Biological Aspects, 125-127, 1989

Yeast trace elements and natural vitamins are more slowly absorbed in animals and man; are more bioavailable; and are therefore the preferred form for supplementation

Comparison of the bioavailability of trace elements in inorganic salts, amino acid chelates and yeast

  •  J.A.   Vinson and P. Bose, Proceedings on mineral elements Part 2, 615-621, 1981

Yeast is the most bioavailable form of the element and is therefore the best form for trace element supplementation.

Comparative bioavailability to humans of ascorbic acid alone or in a citrus extract.J.A. Vinson and P. Bose. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 48 (3), 601-604, 1988

Re-natured [Food State] Vitamin C was found to be 35% more absorbed than the isolate ascorbic acid.  Re-natured [Food State] Vitamin C was also found to be better retained within the body than ascorbic acid, as demonstrated by lower excretion in the urine.

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