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Food State Supplements: Evidence for decreasing risk of Colon Cancer

December 16th 2014

Published Studies

  • Effects of vitamin antioxidant supplementation on cell kinetics of patients with adenomatous polyps.
  • R.J. Cahill, K.R. O, P.M. Mathias, S. Beattie, H. Hamilton and C. O, Gut, 34. 963-967, 1993  

Colonic crypt cell proliferation is an indicator for colon cancer risk.  Subjects with abnormal proliferation were given Re-natured [Food State] Vitamin C, resulting in their cell proliferation being reduced to the base levels seen in age and sex matched control (normal colon) subjects.

  • Cell kinetic effects of selenium and Vitamin C in subjects with adenomatous polyps: 1 year follow up study.
  • R.J. Cahill, K. O, S. Beattie, H. Hamilton and C. O   Irish Journal of Medical Science, 162(7), 285, 1993

Re-natured [Food State] Vitamin C and Selenium were both found to reduce colonic crypt cell proliferation.